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Hawley, S., 2004.

Speech Marks

Output Type:Other form of assessable output
Brief Description/Editor(s):DVD video
Venue:Geneva Biennale Images en Mouvement 2005 and elsewhere
Dates:Nov 2004

DVD video shot on mobile phone, edited with Dolby 5.1 audio. VAD Digital Arts Festival Girona 2004 (Special Award Prizewinner). Chroma 2004 Mexico City. Rencontres Paris-Berlin, Cinematheque Paris, Podewil Centre Berlin, 2004. San Francisco Art Institute 2005.Cosmic Zoom Festival Copenhagen 2005. Videoformes Clermont Ferrand France 2005. 11th Biennale Image en Mouvement Geneva 2005. International festival of Cinema and Technology. (various international venues) 2006. Stuttgart Filmwinter 2006. Documentation via catalogues from festivals and the DVD itself.

Speech Marks 2004Speech Marks 2004