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Magee, J., 2006.

The HAT Project South Asia

Output Type:Other form of assessable output
Presented at:Due in MARCH 2007
Brief Description/Editor(s):International Research Fellowship Programme

The HAT web site has been devised to become a living archive of artists work as they undertake their fellowships. The site allows artists to upload details of their fellowships, images, and blogs.

Documentation of the HAT International Fellowships (South Asia), provides opportunities to further establish ‘documentation practice’ as contemporary art. Building on the previous HAT Australia/UK project, this research will find innovative and imaginative ways of involving and supporting resident fellows and hosts towards the creation of a documentation archive. The presentation of results will be different to the more usual quantitative evaluations seen at this level of research activity. The resulting body of documentation will form an archive, which will contribute towards a ‘legacy document’ such as: exhibition(s) and/or publication.

Documenting international research projects can be complex and expensive. Working as an artist in a ‘global’ context, opens up a new palette of media - based around internet technologies. This will enable the gathering and subsequent dissemination of material in new and more immediate ways. Furthermore the proposed Discussion Forum, will provide this global community with a stage for sharing ideas and debates.

The project is enhanced through a partnership between MIRIAD and A Fine Line.

My practice (historically) has been located within an area somewhere between ‘documentary’ and ‘documentation’. This has been developed through investigating a range of organisations: such as the Police, NHS, Orchestras Business communities.