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Kettle, A., 2012.

Hand Stitch Perspectives

Output Type:Book
Publisher:Bloomsbury, London

Stitch and community: the social, economic and cultural value of hand stitch.
The volume will contain up to 19 written and illustrated contributions, exploring hand stitch practice as a tool for empowering economic, cultural and social change. Presented together as a series of focused essays, they examine various contexts and uses of hand stitch from differing perspectives; written by key researchers in the field, practitioners, historians, theorists and educators.
The book investigates where hand stitch can support and develop the identity of both individuals and communities as part of a common language of making. The publication will reveal the narrative of purpose, where hand stitch serves as a catalyst and tool of record and of change.
The essays focus largely on themes where the context and the practice are linked, with illustrations highlighting examples of where the narrative of people’s lives are inextricably linked to hand stitch practice.
The historical context is introduced through new writing on ethnological collections of a pre-war collection of Greek embroidery, a period when hand stitch and textile was considered without significant value, but which now indicates an important influence on design and contemporary production processes and gives a social context. Economic perspectives introduced through the voices of those working in communities where hand stitch is a significant factor in developing economic and social independence both in the UK and internationally.
Contemporary practice is explored through diversity of approach, method and material, and the desire to explore and experiment. Work that explores issues of identity, of gender, of community practice, and of opportunity linked to the availability and immediacy of material.
Linking the essays is the emphasis on the excellence of making, of refined and articulate practice demonstrating skill and fine craft.