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Hawley, S., 2013.


Output Type:Exhibition
Brief Description/Editor(s):A performer recites a monologue , recorded without a camera with a motion capture suit
Venue:Bangkok Arts and Culltural Centre 2013

Hi definition video.Freud explores the idea of the double – the doppelganger in all its nuances and manifestations. In Steve Hawley’s video installation Actor, made with Peter Twigg and Andrew Brownridge, he created a doppelganger by putting an actor in a motion capture suit and “filming” him whilst he was reading a prepared text. At the same time an unseen director gives instructions to the actor to correct his performance. The text is from the final chapter in the UK edition of Manchester born author Anthony Burgess’s book A Clockwork Orange, subsequently made into a film.

Stanley Kubrick based the film A Clockwork Orange on the American edition of the novel, which only has 20 chapters as opposed to the English edition which has 21. He omitted the final chapter, which is the redemptive chapter, where Alex the ultraviolent droog decides that violence is not worth it and looks to the future and his unborn son. Actor is the film of the unfilmed final chapter.

Actor at Bangkok Arts and Cultural CentreActor at Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre