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Jones, G., 2011.

Logology 2

Output Type:Other form of assessable output
Brief Description/Editor(s):Featured designer
Pagination:352 Pages

Attending to an international audience overwhelmed by data and information, the new logo generation answers the urge for speed communication and recognition in both the physical and digital world. More than just a mark to differentiate between producers in a crowded market, logos today embrace efficiency and flexibility to fit extensive applications and take on a new significance to intrigue, explain and instruct. Can its making be as simple as it looks?

Displaying more than 1600 logos from 500 designers worldwide, Logology®2 systematically contrasts the principle theme, structure, composition and palette of the world's latest logo designs under 78 classes. It pictures a wonderland of logotypes, graphic icons, mascots and trademarks that have taken on a new significance to intrigue, explain and instruct as corporate logos, signs, favicons or decorations on the internet or in the real world. Alongside the tremendous showcase are 15 case studies where selected designers walked us through their creative process for the branding and rebranding of businesses, public bodies and non-profits. Branding experts, Frédéric Vanhorenbeke from Coast Design and Holger Jacobs at Mind Design, have shared their views and experiences respectively in the forewords for this book.

Logology®2 is a sequel to the highly successful Logology® (2007).