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Hawley, S. Shaw, A., 2013.

‘SEAMLESS The Digital in Design’

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:MAO, National Museum of Design and Architecture Ljubljana, Slovenia,
Dates:19 September to 3 November 2013
Number of Works:1

An exhibition of works created by staff from the Manchester School of Art – on display at from . Exhibition orginated by Steve Hawley and curated by Dr. Annie Shaw and featured Yarn 2010.

Digital approaches enable the exploration and expression of previously impossible paradigms such as inter-dimensional, scale-less, repeat-less and seamless design. This shift is reflected in the diverse practice and research of the staff at Manchester School of Art with backgrounds in fashion, textile, 3-D, graphic, media, interior, and architectural Design, who are thinking through innovative engagement with interdisciplinary design, and inter-technological discourse. The most interesting new ideas take place at the intersections of practice and this can be evidenced in the research of members of the Design Research Centre within the School of Art and the impact it has on the students they influence.

This exhibition explores individual and collaborative responses to the concept of ‘Seamlessness’ with an emphasis on technology, materiality and fabrication. When combined with contextually and conceptually-driven approaches, these new and innovative contributions reposition design. It records, through practice a move towards a digitally driven methodology informed by craft and tacit knowledge.

The work shown in Seamless: the Digital in Design reflects this stance across a broad spectrum of media, approaches and use of technology. The gallery space in the un-modernised wing of the museum provides a perfect, ‘imperfect’ space within which to show digitally driven practice.