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Cocchiarella, F. Higgins, S, 2015.

Mise en Scene

Output Type:Other form of assessable output
Brief Description/Editor(s):Collaborative project with the RNCM

Mise en Scène brings together students from the RNCM and School of Art to create a unique sensory experience.

Using embedded technologies, our students mapped the movements of performers, monitored the pulse and actions of the conductor and tracked the tonal qualities of the orchestra and singers, creating narrative driven generative and illustrative visuals.

The performance inspired imagination and transported the audience between narratives, a journey that explores the emotions of love, life and death, that travels from the depths of the sea to the frontiers of outer space. Narratives composed by School of Art students framed the beautiful lyrics and composition of the works performed by students from the RNCM. The voice becomes a transitory medium to lead the audience on an immersive experiential journey.

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