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Kettle, AM., Brown, V., Grimshaw, D., Egan, K., Cocchiarella, F., 2014.

A Place at the Table

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Pallant House Gallery, Chichester
Dates:25/11/2014 - 18/1/2015
Number of Works:2

Place at the Table is an on-going project which builds on the Pairings collaborative project (2009- ), by exploring craft's contested and open definition. Kettle was the curator and exhibitor of this project which aims to explore objects as social, practical, material, contemplative, provocative, traditional and relational things in our lives.
It considers the presentation of objects in domestic and non-domestic environments and explores how these changes are perceived. Craft is presented as an agent and provocation that invites participation, questions cultural values, concepts and aesthetic concerns. The aim of the project is to, expose the movement of creative practice across disciplines and navigate the formal gallery space and the perceived place of craft as domestic. Thus the gallery becomes the site for participation, and the questions are posed for discussion in regard to the context of autonomous art object and preconceptions of artistic value. The sociability of craft if explored through the meal using the Futurist Cook book archived in Pallant House Gallery, as a reference.

Homage to David Pye - CNC Routed BowlHomage to David Pye - CNC Routed Bowl