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Duffy, JOP., Alice Kettle, Tongue Zhou, 2014.

The Fire and The Rose

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Benzie Gallery, Manchester
Number of Works:12

The Fire and the Rose presents the work by a group of twelve artists from Manchester School of Art. Inspired by their visits to Asian countries, the artists reflect deeply on the conflicts that they witnessed, conflicts that have troubled these regions: conflicts of cultures, ideologies, religions, and modernity. This work captures not only the harshness of reality; it also reveals a spirit of tenacity, tolerance, reconciliation, and hope.

Featuring the work of Sarah Lawton, Steve Dixon, Saoirse Higgins, Paul Booth, Jacqueline Butler, Alice Kettle, Paul Scott, Joseph Duffy, Gavin Parry, Tongyu Zhou, Jane Brake and John Aitken.

Curated by Tongyu Zhou, Joe Duffy and Alice Kettle