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Joe Duffy

Senior Lecturer

Joe Duffy

Full time Senior Lecturer BA (Hons) Filmmaking; currently engaged with practice in moving image, installation and photography.

Recent projects involve investigations of traumatic landscapes working with material to non material performative processes. This has included examining man made and natural disasterscapes and exploring with emergent technologies to engage the viewer.

My practice includes tower blocks, Tv Towers and the Urban Peripheral, kids toys, Apocalyptic landscapes- manmade and ecological disasters. An explorer recreating scenes through playful activity with an interest in archives, installation, interaction and storytelling, collaboration and inclusivity

Currently External Examiner for Leeds Arts University and Salford University
BA (Hons) Filmmaking
BA (Hons) Broadcast Media
Reviewer - Landscape Research (Journal of the Landscape Research Group)

Member of Film Material - artist collective



Site of historical trauma, forced exile, diaspora and famine on the Atlantic Coast of Western Ireland Part of the 'Atlantic' Series. Details…

Between Two Deserts

An exploration of a newly forming urban space, it's fabric and infrastructure a landscape being defined, a city of possibilities and prospects in a process of becoming or dissolving. The title referring to a quote from Calvino's 'Invisible Cities' renders the place as a hypothetical one, considering it's physicality and in between-ness as subjective to perception. Details…


Block Length of Work: 6:40 mins Sound: Stereo One line summary of the work: Rhythmic patterns of individual existence integrated into the fabric of architectural habitat. Synopsis: Block is a video piece concerned with the relationship of individuals to contemporary urban environment through the modernist architectural living spaces of a tower block in Salford, UK. Details…


Member of Film Material FILM MATERIAL is an inclusive collective. We work in diverse approaches to artists moving image, film, video, photography and light. Details…


Images that evoke a sense of escape through the obliteration of architectural forms. Apocalyptic dread is layered into notions of paradise and utopian futures via a continual cyclical narrative of disasters unfolding and surfaces scarred with the traces and marks of exit, as the sites of a great evacuation. Details…


Ladybird, Original Format: Mini DV RUNNING TIME: 4mins Dialogue in Spanish with English Subtitles Year of Production: 2006 Ladybird is a work concentrating on the natural phenomenon of Ladybird Season in Spain. In this parodic film the Ladybirds become metaphors for migration through the transmitting of ideas, hearsay, gossip, philosophical muses on life, the universe, cloning, sex, marriage and notions of community. Details…


Space is mapped and land is filled, through the animation of gps data co-ordinates and interconnected narrative excerpts with trashpickers and members of squatter communities in the Jakarta slums. The animation is a journey around Jakarta to the landfill site at Bantar Gebang, home of the rubbish from the 25million population of Indonesia's capital. Details…


Photographic and video installation based around disruption and displacement through volcanic aftermath. Fragmentation of domestic and place through architectural remnants. Details…


This is a collaborative project as 'Birkbeck & Duffy' and is at the research stage. It is an exploration of contemporary landscape that involves offshore windfarms. Details…


A photographic documentation of historic buildings in Manchester such as Elizabeth Gaskell's House.. Details…


Birkbeck & Duffy investigate time unfolding within the moment, anticipation and tension within all layers of a reunion.. Details…

Untitled Coin Operation

Birkbeck & Duffy explore Sound and Image based exploration into narrative potentials and de-familiarisation of automated childrens rides, as often found within shopping and retail spaces. This first video piece reveals dark tensions beneath the surface of the characters 'Noddy' and 'Tessie Bear'. Details…

Zizkov Panoramic

A multi-screen installation that deals with the notion of viewpoints using Prague's Zizkov TV tower as a central location for a range of relationships centred around the gaze; from the touristic and observational to the surveillance of movement within urban space. A spatial layering of the built environment from the central to the peripheral is visually and physically captured as the cityscape reveals its network of relationships through fragments of the personal, political, architectural and historical. Details…


Joe Duffy is a member of the Media Research Group.

A selection of recent research outputs.


Joseph Duffy, 2016. Supernormal Festival, Aug 5th - 7th 2016, supernormal festival UK, 5/8/2016.


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Duffy, J., 2014. Moments in Time, MIA, Pasadena, USA, November 2013.

Between Two Deserts

Duffy, J., 2014. The Fire and The Rose, Vertical Gallery Manchester, November 2014.

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Block Still2

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Kino Union, Berlin, Germany, February 2006.

Block Still

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Griffiths, DA., 2012. 'Babel Fiche', Manchester, UK.

Book Chapters

Duffy, JOP., 2014. ''Landfill and Disasterscapes in the Wastelands of Indonesia'. In Roe, M, Taylor, M (eds.) New Cultural Landscapes, 9, Routledge.'. In New Cultural Landscapes, Routledge.


Duffy, J., 2019. 'The Lament'.

Duffy, JOP., 2014. 'Between Two Deserts'.

Duffy, JOP., 2014. 'Desert Sites'.

Duffy, J., 2013. 'Cillini'.

Duffy, J., 2013. 'Cillini'.

Conference Papers

Duffy, JOP., 2014. ''Traces Of Places, Mobility And Performance As Documentary Practice',', Emerging Documentary Practices, Temple University, Philadelphia.

Duffy, JOP., 2014. 'Performative Traces of Traumatic Place', The Art of Walking: Pedestrian Mobility in Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts from the Eighteenth to the Twenty-First Century, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon.


Duffy, J., Massey, G., Griffiths, D., 2012. 'Unwritten History: Panel Discussion & Screening', Castlefield Gallery.

Other Outputs

Cuthbert, V., 2010. 'Judge at Kino film festival', Involved in judging the Best International Animated film category at the Kino film festival 2010.

Duffy, J. Birkbeck, E, 2008. 'Sound Report: The Comfort of Strangers', Includes the Birkbeck & Duffy Sonic Art piece - 'Somewhere Close to Us'.