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Griffiths, DA., Duffy, J., 2013.


Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Sandao Gallery
Dates:23/6/2013 - 13/7/2013
Number of Works:11

Archipelagoes presents recent work by Joe Duffy and Dave Griffiths, bringing together their perspectives on the way we live our lives - our rituals, conflicts, observations and behaviours. The artists derive narratives from the places we inhabit, our archives and memories, and the futures we may be creating. Duffy shows us the physical fragments of what we leave behind, through the landscape, waste matter and sublime places of a current apocalypse. Griffiths captures and re-animates photographic fragments through examining them in the astronomical guise of a researcher from a possible future. Notions of cultural flux and socio-political turmoil are apparent in the interplay between the two artists.