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Griffiths, DA., 2013.

Remembrances of my corrective school life

Output Type:Performance
Venue:International Antony Burgess Foundation

A live screening of State-approved educational filmstrips, for the purpose of passive observation and cultural reproduction. Slide sets were chosen in response to 'A Clockwork Orange', and childlike references of its anti-hero (Alex) to high art, exoticism, school, government and violence. They also reflect Anthony Burgess' ideological role as teacher of elite Malaysian children in Britain's post-colonial overseas service, and fictional brain-washing methods of the novel's Ludovico's Technique. Titles were sampled from my collection of vintage filmstrips, a now-redundant educational multimedia dating from 1950s to 1970s and originating from Britain, USA and USSR, via eBay: Music Appreciation Series: Pictures at an Exhibition ? Spring Adventures ? Jimmy Didn't Listen ? Sculpture Today ? The Language of Colour I - IV ? Favourite Poems About the World of Nature ? Housing and Home Life in the Soviet Union ? Sharks - Predators of the Deep ? The Story of Johnny Appleseed ? Life in Vietnam ? Let's Get Ready for School ? A Picnic for Dick & His Friends ? Adventures in Library Land ? Living in the Soviet Union Today ? You're on Parade - Good Grooming ? Birds of Our Community ? The Story of Valentines Day ? South East Asia: Malaysia and Thailand ? The Old Stone Age.

Performed at the opening of 'Still Ticking: A Clockwork Orange 2012', a project celebrating 50 years of the novel. Thanks to Katherine Adamson, Archivist, International Anthony Burgess Foundation.