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Dr Dave Griffiths

Senior Lecturer and Section Head, Art Postgraduate Taught

Dr Dave Griffiths

Dave Griffiths is an artist and curator based in Manchester. He explores our contemporary use of photographic images as lenses through which we commemorate and navigate our history. Griffiths combines archive fragments and acts of durational seeing, with hybrid remixes of film, video, animation, print, sculpture and network media. He creates narratives that consider our media artefacts as observatories through which we locate our being in deep time and space.

Griffiths is currently researching the material and historical possibilities of microfilm. He employs this archaic media in acts of memory, participation and speculation about the future survival and reception of contemporary photographic images.

Dave Griffiths co-organises the Film Material collective, running discussion, residency and exhibition events. In 2013 he was nominated for Northern Art Prize and completed a residency with NASA's Swift X-Ray Telescope team. In 2012 he was included in the first ever video art exhibition in Tripoli, and his solo exhibition Babel Fiche at Castlefield Gallery was supported by Film and Video Umbrella and MIRIAD. In 2010 he co-curated the major exhibition UnSpooling - Artists and Cinema at Cornerhouse. Griffiths exhibits internationally, and from 1997-2000, he was a member of rock/performance collective Whitecube. His work has been profiled in publications such as Art Monthly, Corridor8, The Guardian, Flash Art, Aesthetica and AN.


Babel Fiche

Launched in March 2011, Babel Fiche is a web-based film production commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella, with support from MIRIAD, North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University, and Castlefield Gallery, Manchester. Babel Fiche adopts a new position in contemporary artist’s film and photography by using microfilm to critically question our accelerating archival urge to produce, collect and remix visual media. Details…


A DVD publication and film programme curated by curated by Dave Griffiths and Nick Jordan which toured internationally between 2003-2004, supported by Arts Council England. CODEC/X features new short works by 26 artists, aiming to promote collaboration and sonic and visual experimentation. Details…

Deep Field [Unclear Zine]

As care for future generations is key to state policy on long-term management of radioactive nuclear waste, how can an artist respond to aesthetics of waste, its geographical impact, and the epistemological problem of communicating biohazards to far-future humanity? This research uses archival media to re-imagine the matter of deep-time radiological inheritance.   Deep Field [Unclear Zine] is a zine edition published on microfiche in response to HADES, an underground lab investigating feasibility and safety-case for geo-burial of decommissioned high-level waste in eastern Belgium. Details…

Extinction Event

'Extinction Event' included an interdisciplinary research residency, new commissions and exhibitions. The project combines Griffiths' earlier archive project (Griffiths Cue-Dot Observatory) with his interest in finding parallels between astronomical and cinematic observation. Details…

Finding Treblinka

The touring exhibition Finding Treblinka: Artists Respond was commissioned by Centre for Archaeology, Staffordshire University & funded by Rothschild Foundation. Finding Treblinka includes new physical evidence uncovered during a seven-year research investigation by forensic archaeologist Caroline Sturdy-Colls, which sheds new light on the nature of the Nazis’ crimes. Details…

Griffiths Cue-Dot Observatory

“The universe of dots is empty because it does not contain anything but possibilities, and since it contains an abundance of possibilities, it is a full universe.” Vilém Flusser, ‘An Ode to Superficiality: Towards a Phenomenology of Media’, 1995 'Griffiths Cue-Dot Observatory' is a body of work from 2006-13, using video, print, photography, writing and film to investigate an archaeology of movie changeovers. Details…

UnSpooling - Artists & Cinema

Featuring 19 international artists, the exhibition achieved record figures and a review and citation in Art Monthly. Web content extended engagement with online audiences. Details…


Dave Griffiths is a member of the Art and Performance Research Hub.


Griffiths, D., 2017. Material-Microtopia, Manchester Science Festival, 28/10/2017.

Griffiths, D., 2016. Finding Treblinka: Artists Respond, Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide, 6 July - 15 September 2016.

Griffiths, D., Rawlinson, I., Crowe, N., Schuppli, S., Williams, R., McGovern Wilson, B., Berger, E., Keto, M., Popova, Y., Autogena, L., Portway, J., Mabb, D., Weir, A., Takeuchi, K., Acord, J., Craighead, A., Thompson, J., Massart, C., Akagi, S., Hashim, 2016. Perpetual Uncertainty - Contemporary Art in the Nuclear Anthropocene, Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sweden; Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Hasselt, Belgium; Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö, Sweden, 2/10/2016 - 27/5/2018.

Society for Visual Education, 2015, 180 min, performance

Griffiths, D., 2015. Film Material Toast, ToastWillHost, 10-12 April 2015.

Griffiths, D., 2015. Finding Treblinka: Artists Respond, Museum of Struggle and Martyrdom in Treblinka, Poland; Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide, London, UK, 8/2015 - 9/2016.

Baines, J., Carpenter, A., Daniels, C., Duffy, J., Meech, S., Stark, M., Griffiths, D., 2014. Film + Video from Manchester, VideoFAG, Toronto, 16/12/2014.

Baines, J., Carpenter, A., Daniels, C., Duffy, J., Meech, S., Stark, M., Griffiths, D., 2014. Film Material Soup + LUX13, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester; Laban Centre, London, 16/10/2014 - 6/11/2014.

Griffiths, D., 2014. Video Jam, Manchester Art Gallery, 17 July 2014.

Griffiths, D., Duffy, J., 2013. Archipelagoes, Sandao Gallery, 23/6/2013 - 13/7/2013.

Griffiths, D., 2013. Babel Fiche, Frequency: Lincoln Digital Culture Festival.

Griffiths, D., 2013. Babel Fiche, Bath House, Lincoln Castle, 18/10/2013 - 26/10/2013.

Griffiths, D., 2013. Crocodiles With a Second Skin Thrash, over+out, Lincoln.

Griffiths, D., 2013. Dead Data - Orreries and Other Objects, Rogue Project Space, 21/3/2013 - 31/3/2013.

Griffiths, D., 2013. Dead Data: Orreries & Other Objects, Rogue Project Space, FutureEverything, Manchester.

Griffiths, D., 2013. Extinction Event, Phoenix Square Leicester, 4/2013.

Griffiths, D., 2013. FILM-MATERIAL-SOUP #6: new work, Rogue Studios, Manchester.

Griffiths, D., 2013. Misdirect Movies, Touring: Royal Standard Liverpool, Standpoint London, Greyfriars Lincoln & Meter Room, Coventry.

Griffiths, D., 2013. Misdirect Movies, The Royal Standard, Liverpool; Standpoint Gallery, London; Greyfriars, Lincoln; Meter Room, Coventry, 16/3/2013 - 1/12/2013.

Griffiths, D., Andrews, I., Bainbridge, E., Bertola, C., Büchler, P., Clewlow, R., Dolphin, G., Fitzmaurice, L., Green, S., Griffiths, M., Houlding, M., Kennedy, N., Lancaster, L., Merrick, P., Mulvihill, M., Speed, E., Stokes, M., Topolewski, R., Clarkso, 2013. Tip of the Iceberg: Art from Up North, Contemporary Art Society, 4/10/2013 - 3/1/2014.

Babel Fiche, 2012, installation viewBabel Fiche, 2012, installation view

Griffiths, D., 2012. Babel Fiche, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, UK, 8/2012.

Griffiths, D., 2012. First Glance Video Art Festival, Old City, Tripoli, 6/11/2012 - 7/11/2012.

Griffiths, D., 2012. Still Ticking: A Clockwork Orange 2012, International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, 2012.

Griffiths, D., 2012. SWITCH/OVER, Wimbledon Space, London.

Duffy, J., Griffiths, D., 2011. Outcasting: A Century of Artists Film, Oriel Mwldan, 21/5/2011 - 2/7/2011.

Griffiths, D., 2011. Reinterpreting the Gothic, Big Muddy Film Festival, Illinois, USA, 2011.

Cordwell, P., Machell, L., Mort, D., Longmore, J., Griffiths, D., 2011. Sorry for the Inconvenience, Project Space Leeds, 10/9/2011 - 10/12/2011.

Duffy, J., Griffiths, D., 2011. The Lost Thread, Rogue Studios, Manchester.

Griffiths, D., 2011. Tonight We Go A-Gleaning, London Short Film Festival, 2011.

Griffiths, D., 2011. We Are All In This Together, Bureau, Manchester, 2011.

Griffiths, D., 2010. 13th Antimatter Film Festival, Victoria Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Bauplan, 2010, microfiche print

Griffiths, D., 2010. Analogue is the New Digital, Abandon Normal Devices, Manchester, 2010.

Griffiths, D., 2010. Appropriate, Animate Projects [online], 2010.

Transit (for Harry Crosby), 2010, solarplate etchingViews from Inner Space [Panspermic Event], 2010, lightbox

Griffiths, D., 2010. Dave Griffiths: Seer's Catalogue, Bureau, Manchester.

Griffiths, D., 2010. Idleness & Industry, Bureau/Contemporary Art Society, London, 2010.

Cartune Xprz, Golding, S., Gwilliam, B., Laitala, K., Patterson, L., Pope, G., 2010. Kinematic - UnSpooling Projectors, Green Room, Manchester, 5/10/2010.

Griffiths, D., 2010. Lichtspiel, Kassel Documentary Film Festival, Germany, 2010.

Griffiths, D., 2010. Semana del Cine Experimental, Madrid, 2010.

Griffiths, D., 2010. Sugary Photographs With Tricks, Poses & Effects, Time To Meet, Antwerp, 2010.

Moisander, J., Zeyen, S., Wong, M., Macrae, S., McAlpine, E., Rossi, F., Claerbout, D., 2010. UnSpooling - Artists and Cinema, Cornerhouse, 1/10/2010.

Griffiths, D., 2010. video_dumbo, Dumbo Arts Centre, Brooklyn, 2010.

Griffiths, D., 2009. All Change, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, 2009.

Griffiths, D., 2009. Between Tracks, Salford Restoration Office / International 3, Manchester, 2009.

Griffiths, D., 2009. Fear & Optimism: Liverpool in the 21st Century, BLOC, Sheffield.

Griffiths, D., 2009. Festival Of (In)appropriation, Los Angeles Film Forum, 2009.

Griffiths, D., 2009. Infernal Machines, g39, Cardiff, 2009.

Griffiths, D., 2009. Transfixed Motion | The Transitory Still, Sheffield Institute of Art & Design Gallery, 2009.

Griffiths, D., 2008. Backup Festival of New Media in Film, Bauhaus Universitat, Weimar, Germany, 2008.

Griffiths, D., 2008. International Short Film Competition, Stuttgart Filmwinter, Germany, 2008.

Griffiths, D., 2008. MONO: Museum of Native Oaks, Manchester Museum, 2008.

Griffiths, D., 2008. Ozymandias, Cornerhouse, Manchester [and online], 2008.

Griffiths, D., 2008. Pixilerations v5, Magic Lantern Experimental Cinema, Providence RI, 2008.

Griffiths, D., 2008. The Golden Record, Touring: Collective Gallery/ICA/g39 Cardiff/ Lincoln Collection, 2008.

Griffiths, D., 2007. Animate Artists Award, Encounters International Short Film Festival, Bristol, 2007.

Griffiths, D., 2007. Final Cut: Media Art & Cinema, European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck, Germany, 2007.

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Columbarium, 2007, installation view

Griffiths, D., 2007. OUTPOST presents British & European Legs, Contemporary Art Norwich, 2007.

Griffiths, D., 2007. Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2007.

Griffiths, D., 2007. Star Shattered Skies, Impakt Festival, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 2007.

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Griffiths, D., 2006. Backup Festival of New Media in Film, Bauhaus Universitat, Weimar, Germany.

Griffiths, D., 2006. Becoming Electric, Lower Turk’s Head, Manchester.

Griffiths, D., 2006. Paris/Berlin/Caracas, PULSAR, Venezuela.

Griffiths, D., 2006. SparkVideo, Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY, USA.

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Griffiths, D., 2005. Panorama, Impakt Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Griffiths, D., 2005. Purescreen 5: The Moon Will Save Our Ass, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, UK.


Griffiths, DA., 2016. 'Deep Field [Unclear Zine]', Manchester.

Deep Field [Looking Squarely Ahead], detailDeep Field [Looking Squarely Ahead], detailDeep Field [Looking Squarely Ahead], installation view

Griffiths, DA., 2015. 'Deep Field [Looking Squarely Ahead]', Manchester.

Griffiths, D., 2014. 'The plain our bed the stars our blanket', Ordos, Inner Mongolia.

The plain our bed, the stars our blanket, 2014, detail

Griffiths, D., 2014. 'The plain our bed, the stars our blanket', Online expanded photographs for Truth of Transience Digicommissions by Full Circle Arts,, 1 May - 31 October 2014.

Extinction Event, 2013, detailExtinction Event, 2013, installation view

Griffiths, DA., 2013. 'Extinction Event', Leicester, UK.

Extinction Event [GRB130313a], 2013, detailExtinction Event [GRB130313a], 2013, detailExtinction Event [GRB130313a], 2013, detail

Griffiths, DA., 2013. 'Extinction Event [GRB130313A]', Manchester.

The Return of Willy Pete, 2012, installation view

Griffiths, D., 2013. 'The Return of Willy Pete', 35mm sellotape film loop, adapted slide projector.

Views from Inner Space, 2013, detailViews from Inner Space, 2013, installation viewViews from Inner Space, 2013, installation view

Griffiths, D., 2013. 'Views from Inner Space', Microdot print installation.

Babel Fiche, 2012, printBabel Fiche, 2012, film stillBabel Fiche, 2012, film stillBabel Fiche, 2012, film stillBabel Fiche, 2012, film still

Griffiths, DA., 2012. 'Babel Fiche', Manchester, UK.

Deep Field [The Photographic Universe], 2012, installation viewDeep Field [The Photographic Universe], 2012, installation view

Griffiths, DA., 2012. 'Deep Field [The Photographic Universe]', Manchester.

Six Pack, 2011, installation view

Griffiths, D., 2011. 'Six Pack', Film installation.

Griffiths, D., 2010. 'Bauplan', Microfiche print.

Griffiths, D., 2010. 'Transit [for Harry Crosby]', Solarplate etching.

Griffiths, D., 2010. 'Views from Inner Space [Higgs Event, Panspermic Event]', Print edition and lightboxes.

Seer's Catalogue, 2009, film stillSeer's Catalogue, 2009, film still

Griffiths, DA., 2009. 'Seers Catalogue', Manchester.

Griffiths, D., 2008. 'The Legend of Pwdre Sêr', Video.

Columbarium, 2007, installation detail

Griffiths, D., 2007. 'Columbarium', Microfiche plate & reader.

Nataraja, 2007, installation detailNataraja, 2007, installation view

Griffiths, D., 2007. 'Nataraja', 35mm film installation.

Saturday Night Special, 2007, installation detail

Griffiths, D., 2007. 'Saturday Night Special', 16mm film installation.

Griffiths, D., 2006. 'Love is a Burning Thing', Video.

Ozymandias, 2006, film still

Griffiths, D., 2006. 'Ozymandias', Video.

Griffiths, D. & Patterson, L., 2003. 'Heatwork for Sparklers & Spycams', Video/sound collaboration.


Society for Visual Education, 2015, 180 min, performance

Griffiths, D., 2015. 'Society for Visual Education', Film Material Toast exhibition, ToastWillHost Manchester, 10 April 2015.

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Remembrances of My Corrective School Life, 2012, projector performance

Griffiths, D., 2012. 'Remembrances of My Corrective School Life'.


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Book Chapters

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Conference Papers

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Other Outputs

Griffiths, D., 2015. 'Film Material at BEEF', 7-11 September - artists residency, workshop, critical forum and expanded film performances.

Griffiths, D., 2013. '(Dis)Located Seminar', Residency for early career researchers and PhD candidates working on location.

Griffiths, D., 2013. 'ArchiveAction #1: SWIFT', short residency observing work of X-ray astronomers and gathering data to develop new commission for Phoenix Square, Leicester.

Griffiths, D., 2013. 'ArchiveAction #2: Xiamen', Filmmaking workshop.