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Griffiths, D., 2012.

First Glance Video Art Festival

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Old City, Tripoli
Dates:6/11/2012 - 7/11/2012
Number of Works:1

Curated by Reem Gibriel: FLibya's first ever video art show, and the biggest art exhibit in Libya since the fall of the Qaddafi regime. The art will be exhibited on nine screens set up in the alleyways of Tripoli's Old City, with works by international artists from Argentina, Australia, Egypt, France, India, Japan, Lebanon, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Palestine, Syria, the UK, the US, and elsewhere. The First Glance exhibition will allow viewers to navigate between Tripoli's Old City landmarks while the ancient walls offer one of the latest forms of art. It is an attempt to build bridges between art lovers and artists in Libya and their counterparts around the world in a free atmosphere and in a civilized manner that reflects the aspirations of all Libyans.