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Cartune Xprz, Golding, S., Gwilliam, B., Laitala, K., Patterson, L., Pope, G., 2010.

Kinematic - UnSpooling Projectors

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Green Room, Manchester
Number of Works:5

Kinematic - UnSpooling Projectors features leading exponents of expanded and improvised cinema. Refering to both the aural illusion inherent in film production, and the theatrical early years of silent film with live musical accompaniment, Ben Gwilliam & Matt Wand present a new Super 8 and Foley piece, I Married a Foley Footstep! From their darkrooms Sally Golding and Kerry Laitala both bring hand-made loops using archive images, contact printing and DIY photochemistry. Golding portrays an obsession with horror using mirrors, lighting and her own body, whilst Laitala foregrounds the operator's magical role in disseminating cinematic illusion and managing the audience. Cipher Screen, performed by Greg Pope with Lee Patterson, visually and aurally unifies the projector, film material, screen and darkened space by exploiting celluloid abrasions that are sonically manipulated. Cartune Xprez takes the audience back to the future of variety-show antics, with a video cabaret performance featuring international low-fi and retro animation from the likes of Hooliganship, Martha Colburn, Jacob Ciocci and David Daniels.