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Griffiths, D.A., 2009.

Seers Catalogue

Output Type:Artefact

An investigator decodes the Universe through fiery entrails of film, recounting a myth of primal origins, worldly corruption and ultimate fate. His shuffling archive of movie cue-dots hovers between stillness and motion, the result of observing and recording barely visible matter on the screen's margins. Energy escapes these orbital fetishes, displaced from their usual microscopic scale to mix with scenery and bodies. Meanwhile their collector recounts a life of fruitless research. Seer's Catalogue marks International Year of Astronomy 2009 by colliding pseudo-cosmology with materialist flicker to investigate the lurking cores of darkness which accompany any humanness. This 'history' of the cue-dot commemorates the mechanical flux of celluloid, and reflects on our urge to hoard and recombine media relics in intimate acts of collective memory. 7.40 mins, colour, stereo, UK. Sound design by Ben Gwilliam, voice by Philip Davenport. Seer's Catalogue received "Premio Pablo del Amo for Best Editing", at Madrid Experimental Film Week. Commissioned by g39, Cardiff, Wales

Seer's Catalogue, 2009, film stillSeer's Catalogue, 2009, film still
Seer's Catalogue, 2009, film stillSeer's Catalogue, 2009, film still