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Dutton, S., 2014.

Possession (II)

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Lanchester Gallery Coventry
Dates:14/3/2014 - 13/4/2014
Number of Works:2

POSSESSION (II) acknowledged the distinct lineage of heavily theorised notions of appropriation from Anglophone art critical contexts. The project moved through an expanded set of concerns including internet and network cultures, conflicts of current and outmoded technologies of image production and contemporary visual art from disparate cultural and national contexts. Central to the two iterations of the exhibition was the idea that different versions of the exhibition format can possess and re-possess the objects of its own inquiry: the ideological and aesthetic instrumentality of forms, critically intrinsic and extrinsic relationships for contemporary art, and comparative questions of an artist's agency in making and re-making visual and material culture.

POSSESSION (II) highlighted the question of whether cultural and national comparisons provide a basis for considering what appropriation is and can do; and what exchange might mean in an international context of different and competing markets.