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Kettle, AM., Aubrey, A., Ravetz, A., 2015.

The Dog Loukanikos and the Cat's Cradle'

Output Type:Artefact
Venue:VAS:t, Scottish Royal Society of Arts, invited artist, Royal Academy Edinburgh

The 'Dog Loukanikos and the Cat's Cradle' work was shown in the Royal Scottish Academy as invited artist for VAS:t (2015) and developed the collaborative interdisciplinary practice research with Kirsteen Aubrey and Amanda Ravetz. It was subsequently exhibited in Here and Now, Alice Kettle at 'Circus', London (2016). It builds upon a research Research Residency funded by Australia National University, Canberra (2014). The works investigate territorialisation linked to the symbolic/mythic through the indexical element of thread as a metaphorical and feminine rendering.