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Kettle, A., 2016.


Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Candida Stevens Gallery
Dates:10/9/2016 - 22/10/2016
Number of Works:1

Riku is a piece for the ICON exhibition. ICON is a show that is powerful, opinionated and up for debate. As always, hearing the artists' voice is an important part of the exhibition and each has written a few lines about their piece and why, in their view, their choice is an icon of today.
The exhibition features 23 British figurative artists, who cast their gaze over our social, cultural, religious and political icons, through their 21st century looking glasses. Some are icons themselves and others are arguably creators of future iconic imagery. They cut through the bombardment of visuals, noise and information of our modern world and pick out the symbols, people and ideas that represent our thoughts, dominate our attention or are held up as worthy of our adulation.