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Griffiths, D., 2017.


Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Manchester Science Festival
Number of Works:2

'Microtopias' is an exhibition of speculative narratives that re-imagine spaces and sites using the archival information media of microfiche. Dave Griffiths shows recent artworks produced in collaboration with X-ray astronomers mapping of distant deadly gamma-ray bursts. Through hands-on interactive use of the microfiche readers viewers can engage in a microscopic examination of materiality and events taking place at these sites, and construct their own narrative using the mapped evidence uncovered through browsing the microfiche surface. In the spirit of Manchester microfilm innovator JB Dancer, I will offer an animation workshop using analogue microfiche readers, and digital stop-motion capture. The workshop will encourage visitors to observe everyday rubbish, or their own belongings, to examine the materiality in microscopic detail, and reimagine that materiality through stop-frame animation.