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Griffiths, D., 2013.

Extinction Event

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Phoenix Square Leicester
Number of Works:4

After studying the distant cosmos with scientists at the University of Leicester, artist Dave Griffiths has been inspired to create Extinction Event, a new artwork commissioned specially for this exhibition at Phoenix. Extinction Event draws on Dave's fascination with both film and astronomy, embedding a map of tiny film fragments on the windows of the Phoenix cafebar. Bring your magnifying glass and observe a history of cinema told through cue-dot bursts. Astronomy and cinema are also explored in the film Seer's Catalogue on the cafebar video-screens. The exhibition continues in the cube gallery with Babel Fiche, a film that imagines what future generations might make of us from the moments we choose to capture and share. Babel Fiche was created from a crowd-sourced archive of videos distilled and compressed onto microfiche film, a selection of which will also be on display.