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Whadcock, I., 2019.

Beneficial Shock: No Man's land

Output Type:Non-peer reviewed article
Publication:Beneficial Shock Magazine
Publisher:Beneficial Shock Limited
Volume/Issue:1 (4)

Four page visual essay exploring two films thematically linked through the context of War and Peace. The work was commissioned as a n extension out of practice based research located in narrative landscape and boundaries. Selected titles: A Matter of Life and Death, 1946 M.Powell and E Pressburger and Stalker, 1979. A Tarkovsky. These films were used as a catalyst to a practice based set of responses and accompanying written text.The commission enabled methodologies developed through practice based research to be tested through application to a publication context. The relationship with the selected films as narrative for personal practice created a space for re-interpretation as a way to extend a research direction from the private to the public space.