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Kettle, A., 2019.

Horizontal Crossings

Output Type:Other form of assessable output
Venue:Hanshan Art Museum, China

The project explores the social capital of historical and contemporary embroidery as specific cultural practices related to place. The project drew upon the historic relationships and textile trade between England and China (more specifically Manchester and Suzhou) and their contemporary versions using cultural exchange as an act of translation to identify the crucial role of creative communities to reinvigorate civic institutions and unite communities (World Cities culture report 2018).
The project focuses on transformations through the exchange of artists, arts production and artistic methodologies based on a residency programme with Kettle. The project sought to integrate approaches and introduce discussion around new and co-created practice. The residency took place (April 2019) at the Hanshan Art Museum in Suzhou (the embroidery city), connecting with Chinese artists, institutions (Soochow University, Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute and the Chinese Art Academy in Hangzhou) and organisations (the Textile Biennale Hangzhou) through a programme of cultural exchange, workshops, exhibition, lectures, seminars and studio visits. As lead artist Kettle co-created the artwork titled, 'The Mark of the Travelling Thread' which was acquired into the collection of the Hanshan Art Museum, Suzhou. The project was funded by the SND Culture and Tourism Group, Suzhou.
It investigates how ideas and practices are mutually translated and transmuted through cultural exchange. This discussion challenges the concepts of authenticity, originality and loss of tradition and aims to contribute to new understandings about translation of ideas, imitation, diversity, hybrid expressions, ideologies and forms of knowledge, as it looks for new ways to increase the potential of cultural exchanges through thread and stitch. Horizontal Crossings refers to the migration of knowledge, the generative potential of creative stitch practice and the title of the major exhibition hosted by the Hanshan Art Museum April -September 2019, including 3 works by Kettle.