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Genc, EA., Kennedy-Schtyk, B., Miles, S., 2023.

Reimagining the cultural impact of neoliberalism: an analysis of Istanbul and Liverpool biennials

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:International Journal of Cultural Policy
Publisher:Informa UK Limited
Volume/Issue:29 (5)
Pagination:pp. 618-633

Biennials are one of the most important stagers of contemporary art practices serving as spaces of reflexivity for artistic production, compressing a glocal sphere, offering a culturally inclusive debate. They play a key role in the global transformation of cultural production in a neoliberal age. Based on empirical data collected from the 15th Istanbul and 10th Liverpool biennials, this paper seeks to interrogate the role they play in the relationship between the cultural production and consumption of the arts. The paper presents an alternative perspective from which we can begin to better understand the cultural impact of neoliberalism. It is suggested, on this basis, that as glocal spaces of culture, biennials can generate culturally inclusive debates and participatory constellations offering a more democratic access to cultural participation. They are in this sense a discursive space and facilitate the opening-up of a critical space in which cultural policy can offer a more sophisticated means of critiquing the impact of neoliberalism on the arts world.