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Hackney, F., Setterington, L., 2022.

Crafting with a purpose: how the 'work' of the workshop makes, promotes and embodies well-being

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:Journal of Applied Arts and Health
Volume/Issue:13 (3)
Pagination:pp. 307-324

This article examines two community arts textile projects to consider the relationship between workshops, as method (and methodology), and the research/knowledge that emerges from and through them. The 'workshop' is understood as the structural relationship between people, processes, materials and place, while 'work' is the knowledge/research that emerges from these interactions. While different in intent and structure, both projects share concerns about making, health and well-being. Craftivist Garden #wellMAKING worked with a network of local amateur craft groups across the United Kingdom to think critically about health and well-being, while Kotha and Kantha examined how stitch serves as an alternative well-making strategy for a group of Bangladeshi-born women living in Manchester, United Kingdom. The article argues that thinking about the workshop as a 'holding form' and/or 'bloom space' and paying attention to the stories told and artefacts (knowledge objects) made in workshops is vital to understanding their value.