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Dr Lynn Setterington

Senior Lecturer, MA Design
Course Leader, MA/MSc Design for Health & Wellbeing

Lynn Setterington is an international textile artist. Her research explores societal issues and social injustices and she works in partnership with communities, museums and charities internationally. Setterington's hand stitched cloths possesses strong autobiographical content with recent work focused on tactile social history. Using sensory methods and fieldwork she employs empathy and shared understanding to investigate and extend collaborative ways to work together and create.

Setterington’s work features in many public collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Crafts Council, The Terrance Higgins Trust, The Quilters Guild of the UK, the International Quilt Study Center, Nebraska and Denver Museum of Art. She studied textiles at Goldsmiths College, London in the 1980’s.

Her PhD at the University of the Creative Arts, Farnham (2013-18) explores the hidden values and points of tension in collaborative working/stitching. She is a Trustee of Venture Arts, a Manchester-based arts charity working with adults with learning disabilities, an Associate Fellow of the International Quilt Museum, a member of ICOM, International Council of World Museums, Rogue Artists’ Studios, Manchester, the 62 Group of Textile Artists and the Textile Society of the UK.


Bangladeshi Women's Memoir Project

An Arts Council funded project with the Ahmed Ullah Iqbal Educational Trust and a group of Bangladeshi women.. Details…

Haptic design

An ongoing partnership with the RNIB to explore sensory design and tactile textiles. The outcomes have been showcased at the 150 annivesry event of the organiation in 2019, an event at Lancaster University in Jan 2020 and with St Vincent's school in Liverpool. Details…

Hulme Sweet Hulme

This Public Engagement Fellowship involved work with groups in Hulme, South Manchester and centres around maps, old and new as well as places once called home. Emphasis is on the act of working together and less on finished outcomes. Details…

Memory Cloths

This body of work investigates how cloth and stitch can be used to explore loss and mourning. The artefacts represent contemporary iterations of the mourning cloth using unconventional materials including safety pins. Details…

Please Sign Here

A collaborative project documenting the people of Rochdale through their sewn signatures in 2013.. Details…

Radical Locks

A commission for Tameside Council to mark the represenatation of the people's act. Working with a wide range of women's groups across the borough in 2018-9 the outcome is a collaborative banner. Details…

Remembering Emily

A collaborative project to mark the centenary of the death of suffragette Emily Davison. Lynn worked with 100 staff students and academics at MMU to create a sewn cloth 10 metres long as part of www. Details…

Safety Net

Safety Net is an Arts Council funded project to raise awareness of and debate attitudes to mental health. The large scale installation reads THERE IS NO HEALTH WITHOUT MENTAL HEALTH and it has been devised by artist Lynn Setterington and created jointly with 42nd St and students from Textile in Practice at Manchester School of Art and two construction companies, Tunny Scaffolding and the Northhold Group. Details…

Sew Near-Sew Far

A collaboration as part of Meeting Point2 working with the Bronte Parsonage Museum in 2017.. Details…

Signature Cloths

An exhibition showcasing a series of Lynn's contemporary collaborative signature cloths will several in the IQSC collection. This is part of long term project exploring identity and belonging. Details…

Stitching Up Oxford Rd

Working with communities along Oxford Rd Manchester (from the Aquatics Centre to the Deaf Institute and Manchester Museum and MRI) running workshops with a recycling theme. Then making a large textile with the groups for display at sites on Oxford Rd HEFC funded initiative. Details…

The Global Quilt

A quilt made with communities in Lancashire from donated cotton fabrics, repurposed into circles of colour spelling out 'global connection's. The piece was made for the British Textile Biennial in East Lancs in 2021. Details…

Unfolding Origins

This project mines the North Yorkshire County records office to undercover information relating to the story of the first toll bridge across the river Ouse in Selby which dates back to the late 1790’s. It has taken me to Ingatestone Hall in Essex, Barlby Bridge and Barwic Parade primary schools and a number of charity shops and walks up and down the river in Selby to explore this fertile ground. Details…

World Aids Day

A collaborative project to create a quilt for world aids day raising awareness of the subject and bringing people together.. Details…


Lynn Setterington is a member of the Design Research Hub.


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