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Tournier, I., Orton, L., Dening, T., Ahmed, A., Holthoff-Detto, V., Niedderer, K., 2023.

An Investigation of the Wishes, Needs, Opportunities and Challenges of Accessing Meaningful Activities for People Living with Mild to Moderate Dementia

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Publisher:MDPI AG
Volume/Issue:20 (7)

Many people are keen to be actively involved in social life and activities, but even at an early stage, dementia can have a negative impact on social participation and access to leisure activities. As part of the IDoService project, this study has investigated people's needs and wishes, barriers and facilitators to identify opportunities for improving access to meaningful activities. Individual and focus group interviews were conducted with 5 people living with mild to moderate dementia, 2 familial and 2 professional care partners, as well as 12 people working in the field of dementia and/or community activities. Thematic analysis has highlighted the benefits of participating in meaningful activities, such as empowerment and pride, social contacts, and feeling useful to others. A number of barriers to participation relating to individual and environmental factors were reported. Even where participants praised dementia-friendly activities and facilities, they advocated activities inclusive for all and mentioned that some people might be reluctant to participate in dementia-labelled activities because they may not be suitable for their needs. These results indicate the need for developing tailored opportunities for people with mild to moderate dementia and provide valuable insights for researchers, service providers, policymakers and charities wanting to improve access.