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Laura Orton

Graduate Research Assistant (Design)

Laura is a Designer and Researcher, currently working alongside Professor Kristina Niedderer in her work on design for health. Her research includes the production of two toolkits, created as part of the European MinD project (, to assist people with dementia to work alongside researchers and designers, as co-designers. Laura is also assisting Dr Isabelle Tournier in the I Do Service project (

In addition to this role, Laura is also currently studying for a PhD in visual communication, using her graphic design skills to establish if visual communication can be used to reduce stigma in mental illness. She is interested in using graphic design for social change.


Laura Orton is a member of the Design Research Hub.


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Journal Articles

Niedderer, K., Holthoff-Detto, V., van Rompay, TJL., Karahanoglu, A., Ludden, GDS., Almeida, R., Durán, RL., Aguado, YB., Lim, JNW., Smith, T., Harrison, D., Craven, MP., Gosling, J., Orton, L., Tournier, I., 2022. 'This is Me: Evaluation of a boardgame to promote social engagement, wellbeing and agency in people with dementia through mindful life-storytelling', Journal of Aging Studies, 60, pp. 100995-100995.

Conference Papers

Orton, L., 2022. 'Are stereotypes, such as the 'headclutcher', in stock images for mental illness stigmatizing?', DRS2022: Bilbao, Bilbao, Spain, 25/6/2022 - 3/7/2022, in Proceedings of DRS, pp. 1-17.

Tournier, I., Dening, T., Orton, L., Niedderer, K., 2022. 'IDoService project: using a co-design approach to facilitate participation in meaningful activities for people living with mild dementia', 32nd Alzheimer Europe conference, Bucharest, Romania, 17/10/2022 - 19/10/2022.