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Project 03

Wonky: Language and Material

With HOME and Hallmark cards

Wonky: Language & Material brings together a collection of collaborative works made by L5 students, in response to a brief from Hallmark. Students have been encouraged to embrace the language of wonky communication, greetings and materials - playing with humour and awkwardness.

Students have been placed within interdisciplinary groups encompassing varied disciplines including, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Fashion & Filmmaking to create a new body of work and final project outcome. The outcomes include sculpture, film, print, performance and sound.

The event at HOME Event Space will showcase these outcomes, including live performances.

Keywords: Text, Writing, Performance, Communication & connection, Play, Comedy, Absurdity, Successful failures, Typographic errors, Faux pas, Activism, Handcraft Vs Digital, Sustainability & Recycling, Ramshackle, Awkwardness, Lo-Fi, Slapstick