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Thursday 5 May 2022

ArtSchool Open Studios
Unit X Festival


ArtSchool Open Studios celebrates the work by undergraduate and postgraduate students across our collaborative curriculum Unit X.

Join us for one evening as the Art School studios are opened up for an exhibition showcasing work in progress of collaborative partnerships between programmes, across departments, with external companies and organisations.

In these six videos, students and staff talk about Unit X and the projects undertaken in 2022.

About Unit X

The aim of Unit X is to bring together students from different specialisms to explore collaboration and develop projects in association with regional, national and international partners.

This opportunity celebrates a student-centred experience through which students utilise their disciplinary skills to work collaboratively, discover and to experiment new ways of working, enhancing their employability and interpersonal skills.

Working across year groups as well as programmes, students have the opportunity to engage with creative practice in new ways, transforming the campus to become the inverted studio for investigating new ways of learning creatively.

Projects are situated in a professional context which allows students to engage with real-life creative experiences that enrich their learning and prepare them for employment beyond the university.

The nature of disciplinary methods and cultures of practice, enable students to develop their true creative identity thus building confidence and autonomy, supported by peers, tutors, collaborators and stakeholders.

Fundamentally, students develop transferable skills relevant beyond their discipline such as problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, communication and leadership.

The opportunities presented by Unit X have resonance beyond the Art School; engaging with the city, creative discourse, and international art and design community, we ensure students have the ambition and skills to approach opportunities in the creative sector beyond their studies.

More details

Unit X Projects

A New Silk Road

Project 01

With Wuhan Textiles University and Macclesfield Silk Museum

See details

Oasis Ontology

Project 02

With RHS Bridgewater

See details

With HOME and Hallmark cards

See details

In partnership with China Academy of Art and Manchester School of Art

See details

Designs for Life

Project 05


See details


Project 06

With multiple external partners

See details

With The Portico Library, The North West Film Archive, MMU Special Collections and Slide Library, The Whitaker Gallery, The Museum of Medicine and Health (Beswick Collection)

See details

Storehouse Editions

Project 08

With Newspaper Club and Catalog Bookshop

See details

Migrant Voices

Project 09

With Olympia Music Foundation - Migrant Voices Project / Ahmed Iqbal Ullah RACE (Race Archives and Community Engagement) Centre

See details

Health & Wellbeing

Project 10


See details

With Manchester Art Gallery and The British Art Show 9

See details

Level 4 students with RHS Bridgewater

See details

Unit X / COIL

Project 14

With Level 4 Product Design students and MITID

See details

With artist Bruce Asbestos

See details

Love Thy Neighbour

Project 16

With BA Fine Art and BA Fine Art and Art History

See details

With art, design and curating students from MA Culture and Contexts option unit

See details

with Special Collections Museum and 1st year BA Art History and Curating students

See details

With Pearl Academy and MMU

See details

MA:X overview

Project 20

With MA students from the Culture and Contexts unit

See details

Let Them Eat Cake

Project 21

With Level 6 Fine Art & Curating and Art History & Curating students

See details