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Project 10

Health & Wellbeing


The Health & Wellbeing project aligns with Mental Health Week (May 2022) and the theme of Loneliness.

This project introduced students to the themes, principles and practice of design for health and wellbeing, investigating health and wellbeing from local and global perspectives, such as the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and has had input from Manchester Mind as well as a range of specialist creative practitioners working in this field. Students have developed their own individual responses to the brief which include a wide range of responses from intricate charcoal drawings capturing the physical limitations that can induce loneliness to unique products that inspire connection to alleviate loneliness and prompt cards with unique illustrations aimed at enabling young people to shift into a positive mindset and connect with others.

Image 'Reaching Out' by Abbie Cranshaw.

Keywords: Health & Wellbeing, Collaboration, Design, Research, AD&C for Health, Co Authorship, Education, Social enterprise, Professional Practice, Immersive environment, Employability