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Project 13

Textiles in Practice / Product Design & Craft

Level 4 students with RHS Bridgewater

How can a sense of place be captured through making? What could the RHS Bridgewater’s ethos look like in objects of use? What connections could be made through proposed ideas for artworks that are site specific? How can a feeling or behavior of a space be taken away in a product or souvenir? This project relates to the new inspirational grounds and garden of RHS Bridgewater. These projects will either sit into the following branch categories: The café, making object that extrapolate from the surroundings to be used for dining. The Gardens, making scale models and material samples that propose ideas for a site particular work that acts as an educational object. The shop, making work for retail that encapsulates a sense of place and unique values. Within these groups students will contribute to a collective vision that includes: making through samplings and prototyping, advanced research, portfolio building and a final proposal.