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Project 17

Articulated Space – Contested Territories

With art, design and curating students from MA Culture and Contexts option unit

Brought together by the conversation of the two definitions listed above, ten artists explore the prominent thematic rooted within ‘Contested Territories’, seen as an acting term within the everyday. Inidividually, their artistic practices are a foundation for expression, working w in their chosen medium to evidence their findings, many telling a story of others or their own.

An exhibition of work by Art, Design and Curating students from MA Culture and Contexts option unit - Contested Territories. In this mixed media group show artists and curators explore issues of border and territory in relation to place, memory, or the body.

Project Curators: Sophie Edmondson, Georgie Parker, Lillie Tew, Melis Yilmaz.

With Sara Alwagfi, Lois Blackwell-McHugh, Eileen Bradbury, William Dobbs, Sarah Hartley, Ali Kavanagh, Rebecca Mace, Lucy Macpherson, Lynn Murphy, Alison Thomson.

Download the Articulated Space e-Zine , produced by the students.

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