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From 4pm staff and students will explore experimental ways of performing sound, music and cinematic live visuals in our Benzie Cafe.

Performing Artists And Groups

SODA Sononautical Society

An electro acoustic ensemble formed from students and staff at MMU's School Of Digital Arts. The ensemble explore experimental sound generation through hybrid technologies, indeterminate and instructional composition, immersive soundscapes and improvisation.

They are going to perform two pieces from the Aus Den Lieben Tagen (1968) by Karlheinz Stockhausen: "Right Durations" and "Set Sail For The Sun"

The Wyrding Module

"The Wyrding Module" is a solo project from paramusician Christopher Gladwin, one half of "Team Doyobi" (SKAM, ICASEA). The psychotronic sounds of the module are inspired by kosmische music, mantra-rock, post-industrial ambience and the occult.


Ergot fueled 170 bpm bass music and drum, aurotic channeling and transitional echoegregores.

K of ARC

K of ARC is an audio/visual artist working with samples, synthesis, and custom-built steel instruments. The A/V shows of pulsing drones, metallic tones and deep bass percussion alongside cinematic live visuals and digital animation, utilise spectral sounds, electronic atmospheres, and ritual drums.

Raz Ullah

Raz Ullah is a musician and sound artist whose work incorporates analogue and digital elements, interactive software, video projection and homemade instruments. He has presented large-scale audio-visual works in Paris, Prague, Hangzou, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Dundee. A keen advocate of improvised performance, he performs regularly as a solo electronic artist as well as touring internationally with Jane Weaver (Fire Records).