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BA2 and MA

Digital Traces

With School of Digital Arts, Print City and China Academy of Art

"Moments where the physical is translated to digital and vice versa are of importance in my work. In translating these objects from one medium to the next, we begin to see digital traces."
— My Mini Factory

Digital Traces explores advanced, sustainable, and virtual technologies, which are essential for tomorrow’s designers and thinkers. How do we create ‘material’ that exists in the digital space and the physical world, allowing both to have an equal purpose for a more sustainable future?

The journey students take through the project empowers them to be original and innovative with design thinking and experimental material research to re-envision existing materiality towards creating conceptual and physical solutions.

Don’t miss the collective exhibition entitled ‘Digital Traces’ at Material Source, Manchester coming in May. Students will be able to present further of their research process, making and virtual work – showcasing innovation in how the digital and physical communicate.