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UAL Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Digital Portfolio Requirements

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design applicants for 2020 entry who have not yet attended an interview will be asked to provide a digital portfolio to support their application. This should be submitted as a blog.

We require you to submit a digital portfolio with a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 20 images. These should evidence developmental and completed work as well as contextual references (artist, designers ‘things’ that inspire you). This might include:

  • Visual and contextual research in the form of sketchbook pages or written notes specifically associated with the Entry Project
  • Developmental work in the form of sketchbook pages, worksheets, notebooks, material samples and experiments for a range of projects
  • Images of resolved or completed project work
  • Photographic images of large scale and/or three-dimensional work

Please write a short sentence to accompany each image which helps to explain what the image is about. For example “approaches to drawing using charcoal” “ideas related fashion / furniture / animation / the use of paint” etc.

The images should evidence the range of processes and mediums you have experimented with. In addition please ensure one dedicated image containing between 5 and 10 bullet points highlighting why you are applying to the Foundation Diploma and what your current ambitions are.

We are also interested in what inspires and informs your work, so if appropriate please include some information on what you do when you are not making art, such as other interests, reading, being part of group, sport, volunteering, jobs, etc.

Please see our general guidance on How to Create and Submit your Digital Portfolio.