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UAL Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

About your Interview

The course is looking for students who are enthusiastic, flexible, self motivated and independent, committed to art and design, receptive to advice and criticism and keen to solve problems in two and three dimensions.

At interview students are expected to be able to say why they wish to complete a Foundation course, and what they know of the course offered at the Manchester Metropolitan University. It is hoped that applicants are aware of contemporary work and attitudes towards art and design, and that they are able to discuss recent exhibitions seen, and television programmes and magazines relevant to particular interests. It can be helpful if candidates have some idea of the specialist area they hope to progress to in higher education.

For those Foundation students who wish to progress to a degree course at Manchester Met, it is possible to do so through the Direct Progression scheme. This will be explained fully during the interview process.


Entry Project

You will need to complete an Entry Project to bring to your interview.


You will also need to bring a portfolio of twenty pieces of your work. To help our selection we recommend that you bring one folio (usually A1), the Entry Project and notebooks/sketchbooks. The contents of the folio should be neatly presented and in a coherent order, with projects together and in order of development. A well-presented folio is a sign of good practice!

We look forward to seeing your response to the Entry Project as well as your folio at the interview.

Interview Day

We will email you with details on how to book the date and time of your interview.

On the day of your interview, please arrive at the designated time at the Benzie Building, Boundary Street West, Manchester, M15 6BR and report to reception where you will be directed to the interview waiting area.

We have a coffee and sandwich bar with seating on the ground floor of the building for anyone accompanying you to wait.

Once you arrive, we will ask you to lay out your portfolio and entry project. While staff are viewing your work, we will provide a talk about the course and then give a tour of facilities. Following this we will meet you one to one to discuss your work.

We will email you further details about your interview when you select the interview date.