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Alexandra Hill

Alexandra Hill completed the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design course in 2023.

Plans for next year?

I’ll be Studying Biology at the University of York.

How has the Foundation Diploma influenced your creative practice?

Before this course I was fond of drawing and painting observationally – as I think many beginner artists are. However this course allowed me to broaden my skill set and experiment with new media. My favourite being ceramics.

Any advice for new students on the Foundation Diploma?

This diploma is not just a stepping stone to a degree in the arts – I went into this with no idea how I wanted to progress in my education, as I know many others did. And although I am now pursuing a degree in the sciences, that does not mean my art qualification will go to waste. Creativity is necessary in all and any walks of life, it can link in many ways to many degrees and career choices.

What techniques or facilities have you used to create your work?

Namely ceramics. I wanted to use my limited time with such wonderful facilities to my fullest advantage, and so decided not to continue with my previous work of painting and drawing - rather focusing on an experience that I could not get elsewhere.

Can you share some highlights from your time at Manchester School of Art?

To be honest, that it was free. This is an outstanding course at an amazing school and I could not believe I was so lucky to be allowed all of those facilities and talented tutors free of charge. My 3D design tutor Rachel Hoyle was a massive help in guiding me, especially throughout Unit 2. The contribution of the Ceramic Technicians was also helpful for my projects – the ability to have all my pieces fired on time, who is well-versed and skilled in their craft to consult was invaluable. I have spent a large majority of my life and education in Manchester, however I was certainly influenced by the other talented practitioners in the university and on my course.