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My Recoverist Family

Directed, filmed and edited by AMANDA RAVETZ & HUW WAHL, My Recoverist Family is a film exploring the non-linearity of recovery from substance use within the LGBT+ community and beyond. Featuring David Hoyle, Jackie Haynes, Another Adele, Greg Thorpe, Justin Freeman and Mark Prest, with a performance directed by Nick Blackburn.
Project curated by Mark Prest, founding director of Portraits of Recovery.
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REELHEART International Film Festival - July 2019, Toronto, Canada
Official selection in Best LQBTQ category

Islington Mill Art Academy - March 2019, Salford, UK

REEL Recovery Film Festival - October 2018, Los Angeles and New York, USA

Whitworth Thursday Lates - December 14th 2017, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, with Panel including David Hoyle, Mark Prest, Amanda Ravetz, Will Self

My Recoverist FamilyMy Recoverist Family
My Recoverist FamilyMy Recoverist Family