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Royal Hallamshire Hospital Laundry

This work looks at the hidden world of the Hospital Laundry. Soiled linen from all over the hospital - wards, operating theatres, uniforms etc. is packed into bags and taken away.....only to return clean, pressed and ready to be re-used.

The laundry is noisy, smelly and not unlike a factory. There are moments of dignity and great beauty. The images were displayed in the hospitals main foyer. Many staff and visitors never realised there was a laundry there at all.

Laundry SkipLaundry Skip
White Coats DrierWhite Coats Drier
Laundry WorkerLaundry Worker
Linen StoreLinen Store
Infected Linen MachineInfected Linen Machine
Loading BayLoading Bay
Sewing RoomSewing Room