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Linear Garden

Working with Landscape Architects Planit-Ie, we created 5 integrated sculptural gardens for Daresbury Sci-Tech Park.

The path through the park carries the idea of a pathway of light. We have arranged 5 colours in the order they appear in the electromagnetic spectrum, and responded to each colour to inform the space and reflect a loose chronology of science as you progress through the gardens. This story of science has been crafted in glass, captured in illustrations, stone and steel and integrated into a shaped landscape.

Light is our controlling theme in two ways: as a formal principle and as a metaphor. All of our pieces make use of light in some way. As a metaphor, light as ‘enlightenment’ suggests to us a clutch of related themes we are keen to convey.

There are layers of detail and meaning to discover in each unique space, ensuring the audience pauses and soaks in the different atmospheres.

The park was unveiled in July 2016.

The Violet GatewayThe Violet Gateway
The Blue GardenThe Blue Garden
The Green GardenThe Green Garden
The Yellow GardenThe Yellow Garden
The Red GardenThe Red Garden
Sci Tech Daresbury LeafletSci Tech Daresbury Leaflet