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Urbis >>> Kaushal,Jefferies,Keeffe,Brook,ChairTV

Urbis >>> Kaushal,Jefferies,Keeffe,Brook,ChairTV

Experience the pleasures and delights of this very British pastime as gardening is brought into the gallery!

This exhibition shows how city dwellers can make a difference to their spaces…. From the neglected back alley, the humble balcony to the high rise towerblock, see how the even the tiniest corner of your home, office or garden can be transformed into an urban oasis.

Find out how much fun gardening can be for the whole family and how you can do your bit to combat climate change and protect your local habitats from the effect of urban sprawl.

Explore our house, fully furnished courtesy Ikea, Manchester. Discover how your home can be the most important place in the world, to grow your own greens and clean up your living environment.

With a variety of events and workshops going on throughout the exhibition (for kids and grown ups alike!) there’s plenty of opportunity to roll up your sleeves, embrace the soil and get back to nature!