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Magee, J., Dixon, S., 2015.

Resonate: remembering the lost soldiers of North Staffordshire.

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:British Ceramics Biennial, Spode factory site, Stoke-on-Trent
Number of Works:2

A multi-media installation bringing together ceramics, sound and public participation to commemorate the soldiers of the North Staffordshire Regiment in the Great War. The Spode factory space is physically dominated by a monumental clay head constructed by Stephen Dixon. Made using two tons of Staffordshire etruria marl of clay , the sculpture is based on the Victory Medal of 1919. However, the classical form of the original winged victory figure is challenged by the industrial aesthetic of the supporting structure, which adopts the functionalism and brutal materiality of trench architecture. The installation space is further animated by a sound sculpture by Johnny Magee, which dramatically orchestrates the familiar and incidental sounds, poignant songs and popular music of the period. Visitors are encouraged to participate in the project by attaching ceramic flowers to the supporting structure of the artwork. They are also invited to attach their own personal family tributes, and to document their individual stories of WWI as part of the installation