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Project 07

Retracing: Building the archive

With The Portico Library, The North West Film Archive, MMU Special Collections and Slide Library, The Whitaker Gallery, The Museum of Medicine and Health (Beswick Collection)

With a focus on retracing, deciphering and representing, through visual and spatial methods, this unit will explore the ARCHIVE. Using ideas of making, visual interpretation & structure, this project looks towards a poetic and artistic approach to collections, objects, photographs, films – even the notion of the Archive itself. Taking inspiration from installation art, the spatial possibilities of practical work will be explored, in order to find new ways of connecting to and understanding specific objects within an array of collections which include, MMU Special Collections and Slide Library, North West Film Archive, The Portico Library, The Museum of Medicine and Health, and the The Whitaker museum.

Keywords: Archive, Re-Interpretation, Re-presentation, Heritage, connecting ideas, Past, Present, Future, Art and Science, Research gathering and collating, Making, Spatial, Installation, Three-dimensional, Projection