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Project 09

Migrant Voices

With Olympia Music Foundation - Migrant Voices Project / Ahmed Iqbal Ullah RACE (Race Archives and Community Engagement) Centre

Migrant Voices offered the students to work with/in response to participants of Olympias Music Foundations 'Mapping Migrant Voices' Project. Through a series of workshops, performances and lectures the students have embraced the spirit of interdisciplinary practice in order to collaborate on a multitude of outputs which explore cultural heritage, migration, community, and identity. The work visible during the open day has been created either directly with an OMF musician or inspired by the 'Mapping Migrant Voices' project.

“Escaping home”

SODA Gallery Space
(Behind Ground floor cinema)

Exhibition and live performance – A dialogue about Russian migration following the war in Ukraine. Stories of people who were taking part in anti-war resistance and had to migrate.

Approximate duration – 30 minutes.

Keywords: Projection, Visual backdrop, Contemporary Design, Posters, Film, Animation, Artists Books, Zines, Audio, Language, Live, Recorded, Performance, Documentation