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Project 12

Illustration with Animation / Interior Design

Level 4 students

This project partnered Illustration with Animation and Interior Design Level 4 students to form Interdisciplinary groups tasked to produce an outcome based on their research, reactions and responses to spaces in and around the Manchester Metropolitan University campus.

As groups, students were asked to explore the spaces (buildings, outside, public spaces, classrooms, workshops, lecture theatres, toilets, cafes, corridors, lifts, stairs, service areas etc) they had free access to in and around the whole of the MMU Campus.

They were asked to consider and choose a space that interests their group.

Groups were asked to creatively record and respond to this space, using a variety of primary research methods that reflect all the senses - vision, hearing, smell & taste, touch and vestibular (movement). All work was to be captured in a shared online document.

Groups were asked to consider if whether they are making work that could possibly be seen/presented/embedded within their chosen space or work in response to your chosen space which could be seen/shown/presented elsewhere, away from the space.

They were also asked how they would like others to interact with their work - is it to be viewed, handled, used, participated with etc.

Groups were expected to draw upon the group’s skills and knowledge accumulated throughout their previous L4 units, combining their disciplinary talents to make the most creative outcomes possible that go beyond your home programmes.

They were free to produce what they decided is the best response to the space - there were no specific outcomes or fixed formats the tutors had in mind.

Keywords: Multi-Disciplinary, Socially Engaged, Community-led Practice, Film, Photography, Performance, Fashion, Textiles and Craft, Art History, Curation, Exhibition Proposal, Commissioning, Museums, Galleries, Communities