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Project 16

Love Thy Neighbour

With BA Fine Art and BA Fine Art and Art History

Level 4 students have responded to the theme of Asia Triennial Manchester 21, curated by Alnoor Mitha. Students have imagined what it means to cooperate as a network. They have self-organised in micro-democracies to co-produce decisions, things and events that reflect the pleasures and problems of living in communities. Their spaces reflect identities and differences. Who is included, and what do they stand for? Meet us at Link Gallery for directions to diverse studio Neighbourhoods.

Woven Together (Grosvenor G01)

An exploration of community and personal heritage, through works linking thematic and physical aspects that weave our work together like the neighbourhood joins us. Our projects explore connections between everyone's background and own communities.

Outside In (Grosvenor G102)

Bringing people together to appreciate nature by introducing it in the studio space, all the while producing artwork outside.

suSTAIN (Chatham 105)

Join our safe space surrounded by sustainable and collaborative artworks including fabric structures creating a positive vibe and atmosphere.

Cookham Street

109 Exchange (Grosvenor G109)

We are a collective that trades skills, knowledge, items and time, for free.

Spectrum (Grosvenor G108)

A group of female painters exploring colour and interpretations of femininity and ‘the feminine’. We are hosting a tea party that will contradict society’s expectations of women by destroying our props.

After Skool Club (Chatham 111 Old Gym)

Nostalgia for childhood, in the wake of adulthood judgements and interpersonal complexities when forming relationships and creating 'art'. Our gatherings and environments harken a sense of 'after school clubs' where members share skills, interests, art practices and stories to generate spaces of bonding and lasting community within art school and beyond.

Save Ryebank Fields (Grosvenor Basement)

A group that aims to transform the basement into an installation and rave space, to bring us all together in protest of MMU’s plans of development on Ryebank Fields.

Concept of the Sixth Sense (Grosvenor G102)

The 5 senses - sight, touch, hear, smell and taste. But what about our sense of emotional reaction and awareness? Our senses are something everyone on the planet uses on a daily basis, but how often do we pay close attention to them?

Fitting in in First Year (Grosvenor G.01)

An investigation into student drinking and nightlife culture, the transition to uni and feeling the need to fit in; socialising vs. social pressure and FOMO.