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Wednesday 15 Thursday 16 May 2013

Manchester Creative Festival NQ+: Lost in Literature exhibition


The Manchester Creative Festival is a celebration of the creative talent and dynamic energy that Manchester is so well known for. Led by the Manchester School of Art, the festival will see venues and businesses turned into galleries with a range of art installations, exhibitions, films and projections.

Working in partnership with the venues, students have created and designed work as part of our innovative Unit X module. Students from courses in the areas of Media, Art and Design come together to work with the outside world. First Year students work on projects under the theme of Manchester. Second Years work in groups relevant to their chosen career.

The quality, range and diversity of the art and design exhibitions and installations produced by the Manchester School of Art in partnership with the venues and businesses is ample evidence of the city’s continuing vibrant, creative pulse.

Working in partnership with Manchester City Council, the High Street Innovation Fund and City Co, our long term aim is to develop a city wide Manchester Creative Festival to raise international awareness of the large amount of creative businesses and talent thriving in the city.

We hope you will enjoy visiting places you may not have been to before, and seeing places you already know in new and interesting ways.

175 Anniversary

This event is one of 175 publically accessible events and exhibitions that took place in the UK and overseas throughout 2013 to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Manchester School of Art.