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Student actor triumphs at prestigious Spotlight Prize awards

Yasmin Mwanza from Manchester School of Theatre follows in illustrious footsteps

20 Jul 2017

Fine art graduate Sumit Sarkar created the street art

19 Jul 2017

Professor Stephen Dixon from Manchester School of Art has created the work from clay from the battlefield site

13 Jul 2017

Liam Fallon wins £9,000 from the Woon Foundation Painting and Sculpture Art Prize 2017

07 Jul 2017

First and second years bring BBC Radio 5 Live archival recordings to life

26 Jun 2017

Part of the Degree Show series

16 Jun 2017

Part of the Manchester School of Art Degree Show series

14 Jun 2017

'Separate + Together: Bringing June Street to Miles Platting’ will be held in Miles Platting from 16-23 June

13 Jun 2017

Jacob is one of eight students from across the UK to be selected

12 Jun 2017

A showcase of the country’s best up-and-coming designers

08 Jun 2017

Part of the Manchester School of Art Degree show series

07 Jun 2017

Tickets are available now for the two different screenings on Wednesday June 7th

05 Jun 2017

Students are working on the finishing touches for their collections

05 Jun 2017