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Foundation &
Undergraduate Courses

  • Foundation Diploma in Art and Design
    Edexcel Level 3 BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design
    1 year (full-time)
    Rated 'outstanding' by Ofsted, this programme is designed to develop your creative skills and prepare you for a degree in art and design; you will be encouraged to work freely, experiment across various practises and adopt unconventional creative concepts that lead to highly individualised portfolios.
  • INTO International Foundation
    INTO International Foundation
    3 - 4 terms
    The INTO International Foundation in Art and Design is an accredited course for overseas students that combines creative practice and English study skills to get you fully prepared for Year 1 at Manchester School of Art.
  • Acting
    BA (Hons) Acting
    3 years (full-time)
    UCAS W411
    Recognised for its award-winning students, this course provides all the necessary training to prepare you for a career in professional acting. Designed to nurture your natural abilities whilst developing key skills such as voice, movement, acting, textual analysis and research.
  • Animation
    BA (Hons) Animation
    3 years (full-time)
    UCAS D367
    Taught by professional animators, practitioners and academics this course will provide you with an understanding of animation production for industry. You will be introduced to techniques relevant to cutting-edge animation and the underlying principles of motion, performance and expression. The course focuses on the creative practices, motion and storytelling fundamentals that are at the heart of all animation, irrespective of technique.
  • Architecture
    BA (Hons) Architecture
    3 years (full-time)
    UCAS K100
    Validated by RIBA and ARB, this course gives you a thorough insight into how architects work and prepares you for a year in industry. It is jointly run by MMU and the University of Manchester meaning you will benefit from the considerable resources and expertise available in both institutions.
  • Art History
    BA (Hons) Art History
    3 years (full-time)
    UCAS 2W33
    Provides a rich introduction to the history of art, focussing on the period from the early nineteenth century to the present day, including a diverse range of artists, artworks, and movements. You will develop independent research and engage in professional development utilising local galleries.
  • Art History and Curating
    BA (Hons) Art History and Curating
    3 years (full-time)
    UCAS 8N73
    Combines the study of art with the essential skills and perspectives necessary to be a contemporary curator. On this course you will create research projects and exhibition proposals, with the opportunity to develop yourself professionally by making links with local galleries.
  • Drama and Contemporary Performance
    BA (Hons) Drama and Contemporary Performance
    3 years (full-time)
    6 years (part-time)
    Create and explore innovative contemporary theatre in this industry facing course that places your learning and practice in contact with Manchester's vibrant theatre and performance scene.
  • Fashion
    BA (Hons) Fashion
    3 years (full-time)
    UCAS W230
    An award-winning course with an excellent reputation for producing employable fashion graduates for their creativity, originality, versatility and professional skills. With a focus on contemporary fashion design, you will be encouraged to innovate and create whilst developing an understanding of the needs of the fashion industry.
  • Fashion Art Direction
    BA (Hons) Fashion Art Direction
    3 years (full-time)
    UCAS W200
    Designed for those interested in both fashion and graphic design, the course explores fashion communication, publications, art direction, exhibitions and trends.
  • Filmmaking
    BA (Hons) Filmmaking
    3 years (full-time)
    UCAS PW32
    A practical course designed to help you express your ideas and stories though moving image and sound. You will experience working collaboratively, learn to develop concepts around filmmaking, identify themes and issues to communicate through films and work as individual practitioners to make a film.
  • Fine Art
    BA (Hons) Fine Art
    3 years (full-time)
    UCAS W100
    Taught by professional artists who are actively engaged in contemporary practice, this course encourages you to think outwardly from within the two core areas - painting/print media and sculpture/time based art, with opportunities to engage in the fine art world through study trips, exhibitions, international student exchange and visiting artists.
  • Fine Art and Art History
    BA (Hons) Fine Art and Art History
    3 years (full-time)
    UCAS 2J89
    Offers you the opportunity to develop and expand contemporary Fine Art studio practice through a significant engagement with historical, critical and theoretical concerns. The course explores developments in art from the nineteenth century to the present day, addressing a diverse range of artists and movements and theoretical approaches.
  • Fine Art and Curating
    BA (Hons) Fine Art and Curating
    3 years (full-time)
    UCAS W160
    Combine the study of contemporary Fine Art studio and curatorial practices. The course addresses a diverse range of artists, movements, exhibitions, and display spaces as well as theoretical approaches to art practice and curating. You will be encouraged to develop a strong independent studio practice, exhibition proposals and to engage in professional development making links with the galleries of Manchester and the region.
  • Graphic Design
    BA (Hons) Graphic Design
    3 years (full-time)
    UCAS W210
    A course in which distinctive creative personalities are nurtured and the unconventional is encouraged. You will learn approaches to visual communication and develop your own visual language with fantastic opportunities to connect to industry and carry out placements; you will leave with a professional portfolio that reflects your career aspirations.
  • Illustration with Animation
    BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation
    3 years (full-time)
    UCAS W217
    Provides a rare opportunity to combine illustration with animation, the course encourages you to explore your creative identity and develop yourself as a visual communicator using a combination of traditional and handmade skills along with digital practises.
  • Interior Design
    BA (Hons) Interior Design
    3 years (full-time)
    UCAS W250
    Explores how to translate, analyse and respond to existing buildings, places and spaces, to make them relevant and effective for human occupation. The course offers worldwide exchange visits and study trips to key design cities, as well as professional experience, facilitated by live projects, Unit X, work experience and experts from industry.
  • Music and Sound for Media
    BA (Hons) Music and Sound for Media
    3 years (full-time)
    In Music and Sound for Media you will study composition, sound design and production in order to produce innovative audio for film, television, game and interactive media.
  • Photography
    BA (Hons) Photography
    3 years (full-time)
    UCAS W640
    A practice-based course that will develop you as a practitioner and an independent creative thinker using photography as a starting point. You will have the opportunity to undertake live briefs and professional research project work with companies from the industry.
  • Product Design
    BA (Hons) Product Design
    3 years (full-time)
    Our Product Design course runs alongside Product Design and Craft and both courses have been developed to look at the reasoning for objects that surround us, from the cherished personal items to the functional. Through a programme of study that explores our understanding of the material world, you will learn how to be a designer and maker of objects that enhance our daily interactions.
  • Product Design and Craft
    BA (Hons) Product Design and Craft
    3 years (full-time)
    Our Product Design and Craft course runs alongside Product Design and both courses have been developed to look at the reasoning for objects that surround us, from the cherished personal items to the functional. Through a programme of study that explores our understanding of the material world, you will learn how to be a designer and maker of objects that enhance our daily interactions.
  • Textiles in Practice
    BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice
    3 years (full-time)
    UCAS W232
    A course with a professional focus brought to you by practicing textile practitioners and researchers. It will allow you to experience textiles as a flexible and diverse subject area with pathways enabling specialist study and digital applications across print, knit, weave, and embroidery with access to extensive traditional and digital workshops.
  • Three Dimensional Design
    BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design
    3 years (full-time)
    UCAS W240
    A practice-based, hands-on course that encourages personal creative expression by combining traditional craft making with new technologies of machine and digital manufacturing. You will benefit from the extensive range of expert workshops as well as specialist staff and industry contacts who offer live projects and competition briefs.