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Thursday 7 December 2017 Monday 15 January 2018


Monday-Friday 7am–6pm, Saturday-Sunday Closed

Plosives is a 'sound reactive' experience produced in collaboration between lecturers Jennifer Richards (Fashion Promotion) and Adam Griffiths (Graphic Design). 

Origionally published in print for Forme Journal, this digital reworking is designed as a generative sequence of statements. Mapped to the ambient sounds of the space, the work examines a range of responses to visual stimuli in order to create a para-fictional narrative. The collection of words and statements allow the viewer to consider the role of language with the arts. The words are encoded to be responsive and to facilitate a dialogue between that which is seen and that whih is hidden. 

Jennifer Richards is a lecturer and researcher within the Manchester Fashion Institute. Jennifer's practice explores the element of the Gothic with visual communication. 

Adam Griffiths is a lecturer and researcher at Manchester School of Art. Adam's practice occuplies a cultural space between the physical and digital worlds, with a focus surrounding generative dissemination, publishing and archiving of imagery.